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I am Black
Yes! I am Dark
But that doesn’t make me helpless
Neither does it make me powerless
For my shadow is scared, Just because it is Black

We shouldn’t be known for what we have done,
We all are scared to with take our ethnicity
For our complexion determines our destiny.
We are not perfect, We all have made mistakes,
I don’t have to be Obafemi Awolowo nor Anthony Enahoro.
But I can be another devotee who stands to speak their thought.

This poem isn’t about rhyme
For I’ll surely do this all the time
Being black isn’t our intention nor selection
For we are already Black,
And there’s no correction
Let’s just join hand and forget about complexion.

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I'm a passionate writer that writes emotional and educative poems. A mathematician by profession and a poem writer by passion. I derive pleasure in sensitizing and educating people on how to differentiate right from wrong.

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