Be in competition with yourself

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Be in competition with yourself

Be in competition with yourself

After university/secondary school all we have is BBM, SNAPCHAT, FACEBOOK, INSTAGRAM, TWITTER etc.
We see our course mates and age group on social media, and we envy how well things are going for them.
We notice their weave and skin color.
We look at how far they have gone in the corporate world and constantly compare ourselves to them.
We help them count their children since we have none to count yet.

Facebook/ Instagram becomes a place that reminds us of how far behind we are. The unspoken truth is everybody displays the best part of their lives here.
Their skin colour could be as a result of a good camera . Nobody tells you that they have been laid off and currently all they have is their phones, make up and slick suit.
The most important thing you must always remember is that “things are not always what they seem , and you are only in competition with yourself”. Forget the numbers of likes and comments others may be having, it doesn’t increase their bank accounts. Don’t envy anyone, avoid the comparison trap, brace yourself up and be the best you want and can be…


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