Another Airtel Free 3gb Data


I updated you day before yesterday about how to get 1gb on Airtel freely, if you’ve gotten yours, please enjoy it while it last.

Seems Airtel is doing giveaway as they are awarding their customers 3gb again for downloading their TV app.

To collect the airtel free 3gb data, kindly download their TV app through here

You can as well go to Google playstore and search for Airtel TV.

Install it and open it, insert your airtel number and register on the app.

If the sim you’re using to get the data is on the phone, the Otp will be automatically entered and you won’t be needing to insert the Otp again.

Wait for some minutes as you will be credited with 3gb data.


Check some proofs below

Airtel data

Enjoy while it last and don’t forget to share to others, thank you.


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