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Advice to university freshmen

Advice to university freshmen

Hi, I’m here again with a mind blowing article aim at changing the mindset of most first year students in tertiary institutions. First, let’s do some analysis, I will start by asking a question


He actually didn’t loose because he wasn’t fast, (he was faster than them) but he lost because his takeoff wasn’t good enough (he was the last to take off when the gun was shot), what made him to come third in the race despite being the fastest man alive was not his inability to run, but OVERCONFIDENCE, I am the best runner nah, these ones are too small to compete with me, I don’t need to put in my best now, I will run faster in the middle of the race, these are what he was thinking but unfortunately, the case was in reversed, he lost and came THIRD!

Wait, please ask yourself, what is the source of your confidence?, because you think all first year courses are more of O’level curriculum?, that’s what gives you the confidence to be playing in your first year, please don’t be like Usain Bolt, there is beauty in starting a race early, assuming Usain Bolt had started the race properly, he would have come first, but overconfidence denied him that.

Always humble yourself to learn, nobody is an encyclopedia of knowledge, are you thinking your lecturers are quack?, are you thinking you’re better than them?, NOPE! You aren’t! Some lecturers know everything in Advanced Engineering Mathematics by K.A Stroud, so they were to teach you trigonometry, breaking the topic down to simpler form for you to understand it is what gives some lecturers problem, their brain are too advanced so that they are trying to break things down to your level of assimilation, so never think you know it more than them, you’re far below their level, respect them! Be humble! Don’t skip classes because you know the topic that is to be taught!.

Do you know the number of students that have graduated and still unemployed? They are many!, those that are about to graduate now nko?, so…you’re panning to join them with second class upper or third class! My brother/sister, please… your cgpa now when you have the chance, don’t say you wanna rest in your first year! Graduating with great CGPA gives you upper hand over those that graduated with low CGPA at the labour market.

You’re the architect of your own fortune and misfortune, and whatever you do today will tell how your tomorrow will be, don’t joke with your first year, use it wisely to boost your CGPA, don’t be like Usain Bolt, there is beauty in beginning properly. Thanks for reading.

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