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What Quest?

The Quest is to provide an avenue where different types of people can get tips from, to assist people with educative and outstanding articles, to educate people in the society of what they know not, etc.

What we provide

  • Study Tips: We provide study tips for students who are having issues with their studies, we advise them on the best study strategy to use, and how they can read and still recollect whatever they read etc, check our articles on study tips
  • Life and Health Tips: The popular saying that health is wealth still hold in our society today, that’s why we plan to advise people on what they need to do to be healthy, we also give some life hacks and tips e.g we recently publish some articles on how to avoid/prevent anger, how to break free from procrastination, how to be free from depression etc, check our articles on life and health tips
  • Love Tips: Love is very essential in our society, that’s why we are also giving tips on relationship, to guide couples, to solve relationship challenges and to bring everybody under the umbrella of love, check our articles on love tips.
  • Career Tips: What course is better than the other, should I study medicine or pharmacy?, I like chemical engineering but my friend said mechanical engineering is okay, some students are still battling with their choice of course to study in higher institution, some were confused on choosing the right course because they think of low job opportunity after graduation, we provide insights, tips and guidelines on career tips here, check our articles on career tips
  • Cooking Tips: We all know how to cook, but there are some classic food that we don’t know much about them, so here we provide tips on how to cook extraordinarily good food, don’t let people snatch your boyfriend with food, in addition to this, we share insights and tips on production of cake, puffpuff, different types of snacks etc. Check our articles on cooking tips.
  • Business Tips: Are you an entrepreneur, you will be needing one or two tips on growing your business, how to maximize your income, how to manage your business, or you are a beginner who need business guidelines, or who need to do one or two business and don’t know how to start, we are here for you, we provide cool business tips, check our articles on business tips.
  • Tech Tips: We are in computer age, technology is really advancing, we provide tips on technology for people so they can be technologically developed and informed, check our articles on tech tips
  • Stories: We write fictional stories, love stories, life stories, educational and romance stories inclusive, check our stories here
  • Poems: We write educative poems, you can check our poems here


We are not only team, we are one big family!

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