4 Applications that can boost your life as a student

In this article I will be analyzing the study tips for effective studying using some android applications.

What students need is improved study strategies, You can improve your study skills by having these few applications on your phone.



Are you an heavy sleeper?, have you ever plan to read in the midnight?, pray in the midnight?, or you have lectures, test or examinations early in the morning and you must wake up as early as possible??, to achieve this, yes you have to set alarm, I mean alarm that will wake you up!!.

Let me tell you a secret, 90% of those who set alarm usually snooze the alarm or terminate it while it is ringing. Well you’re on the right track because you will say no to such using this application.

Alarmy is an application that allows you to set certain task before you can deactivate it, this particular application is regarded as the most annoying alarm clock app by lots of users, why?.

The features of this application will answer this question. This app is an alarm clock app that allows you to set some tasks, tasks like

  • Solving Mathematics questions. Don’t bother about not liking mathematics, the questions are very basic and primary school pupils can solve them.
  • Taking pictures of registered places, you can register your toilet or some places outside your room, so…. Before you stop the alarm, you must snap the place again.
  • Scan registered barcode, you can register some barcode and scan the barcode again before you can stop the alarm.
  • After you’ve set the alarm, you can set it not to be editable till it rang.
  • If the Alarm started ringing, you can’t stop it unless you perform the chosen task, you won’t be able to silent your phone, you won’t be able to switch off your phone and you can’t snooze the alarm.

There is more to the app, just get it first, you won’t regret using it as study tips.

Download it here



Night class gang, where are you???, if you are a fan of night class, please get this app, the rate at with people steal phones during night classes is very alarming. With this app….. Your phone won’t be stolen, you only have to place your phone down, activate the app and then lock your phone, if anyone touches your phone, I mean if anybody dare to take your phone!, boom he’s doomed!.

The app works by ringing whenever the position of your phone changes. If anybody change the position of your phone, the phone will start vibrating and ringing loudly so that your attention will be called to it, the funniest part is…. The thief won’t be able to stop the app because he/she will need to unlock your phone first before stopping the app.

Imagine you charging your phone and someone took your phone while the light went off, the person will probably drop it because the phone will continue ringing, try it out, you are not going to regret it, trust me.

Download it here 



Do you easily forget that you have class, where you have the class or you were given assignment?, this application can be of great help.

This application allows you to:

  • Set your own timetable.
  • Import your lecture timetable and it will remind you of the course you have and where you have them.
  • It will also remind you if you have assignments.
  • You can import your lecture halls locations in the app and the app works by turning your phone to silent mode as soon as you entered the lecture halls, it will switch off silent mode itself again as soon as you leave the hall.

With this, your phone can never ring inside the class again, try it and give your testimony later.

Download it here



Notebooks theft, few days to exam your notes were stolen, you have no note to read, or you saw a textbook from a friend and you would like to read a topic from it but your friend wasn’t feeling like releasing it to you. It is very simple!, use any of the above applications, they work by allowing you to take pictures of the notes/textbooks and convert them to portable downloadable file (PDFs). The app is very easy to use.

Download it here


You might want to consider the study tips that explain how to read and still retain whatever you read without forgetting anything

Thanks for reading, I hope these applications help you study better and also serve as effective study techniques to you.


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